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Maryland Burial Assistance

Burial Assistance

Burial assistance funds cover funeral expenses of deceased persons for certain parties without other means of payment.


1. Total funeral expenses cannot exceed $1,500 and the grant cannot exceed $650, except in special circumstances.
2. Funeral expenses covered are for:
1. Foster children under the Social Services Administration.
2. TCA (Temporary Cash Assistance) customers, even if the grant was suspended.
3. An individual considered eligible for TDAP (Temporary Disability Assistance Program) even though he/she has not actually received assistance.
4. A customer of Supplemental Security Income (SSI), including a nursing home resident receiving Medical Assistance who prior to admittance received SSI.
5. A newborn child who is not a part of the assistance unit if:
1. The child�s mother receives TCA, and
2. The child died not more than 60 days after its date of birth or the date of the mother�s release from the hospital in which the birth occurred, whichever is later.
3. Applicants must provide proof of available resources, of the deceased, and of funeral arrangements.

How to Apply:
For more information and to apply, call 1-800-332-6347

Where to Apply:
Your Local Department of Social Services. Click here for a list of local departments.

What to Bring:

1. Photo Identification (Driver�s License, Maryland ID, or Employment ID)
2. Proof of Address (from Apartment or house lease; electric, gas, water, or phone bill; rent book; rent receipt; or mortgage statement)
3. Proof of Income for Past 2 Months (from past 2 months pay stubs that show your income, or most recent benefit letter for government checks (SSI, SSDI, VA, Social Security, or any others)
4. Proof of Emergency - Eviction or Utility Cut-Off Notice
5. Proof of Other Cash or Non Cash resources. (Bring all that apply to you: Most recent savings and checking account statements, life insurance policies, car truck or motorcycle titles, stocks or bonds, papers about anything else you own that is of value, except personal belongings).
6. Social Security Cards: Everyone who gets services must have a social security number. It is best to bring a card for everyone for whom you are seeking benefits (yourself, children, and so on).
7. Proof of Household Expenses. Bring as many of the following as you can: most recent BG&E gas or electric bill; most recent fuel oil or propane bill that shows the company's name, address, and telephone number; receipt or written statement of child care costs; real estate tax bill; recent doctor or hospital bills.


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